The Aqua Vita Full Service

  • Pipe Clean – Completely flushed with fat & dirt cleansing chemicals, so it will flow freely once again. Also check for leaks, kinks or bends.
  • Prime Pumps – Remove all air from pumps after months of use.
  • Clear Jets – Individually clear all jets of dirt and debri.
  • Component Check – All pumps, blowers and other major parts measured for performance and inspected for wear & tear, still water tight and sound right.
  • Heating System – Clean out the head and check clear & free of scale.
  • Suggested Repairs – We will provide a report of any parts that may be coming to the end of their life. Replacement of major parts are available at an extra cost however, we would always seek your approval before carrying out this kind of work.
  • Clean – Filters soaked in solution, water drained, shell cleaned with solution, water refilled and chemicals balanced.

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The Aqua Vita Shutdown Service

  • Completely drain your spa.
  • Remove air from pumps after months of use.
  • Hoover any residue out of the spa with allowance of any condensation to exit.
  • Completely flush the pipework with our fat & dirt remover solution, increasing the efficiency of the pumps.
  • Filters will be soaked and cleaned thoroughly, improving their effectiveness.
  • We’ll empty, and clean the surface of your spa.
  • Your spa will be refilled with clean water, and chemicals balanced.

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